March into the Sea.

Up to sixty percent of our bodies are made up of water. The brain and heart are made of seventy-three percent water. The lungs are about eighty-three percent. The skin, sixty-four (will you still love me when.)  Finally, the muscles and kidneys are seventy-nine percent. Hell, even the bones are made up of thirty-nine percentContinue reading “March into the Sea.”

Lost in translation.

I started my day out with a text message that was not very warm all because of a misunderstanding that person and I had the night before. I guess my reference in regards to a previous text wasn’t recognized or understood. Maybe, shouldn’t have even been written at all on account of lack of comedicContinue reading “Lost in translation.”

Not today.

Usually, by this time in the afternoon I have some kind of semblance of what I am going to be writing about for SOL, but today is not cooperating. So All I have is a quick story. In 2010, I interned for Eric “Mancow” Muller, one of the first shock-jocks in the country after HowardContinue reading “Not today.”

“Just Comply”

Eric Gardner was selling loose cigarettes outside of a bodega in Staten Island, New York one September day in 2017. He was then in a heated discussion with police officers in which the continued to choke him even though he continually stated, “I can’t breathe.”  The hot take from right wing and back the blueContinue reading ““Just Comply””


I Know we are in a day and age where women have to worry about walking alone, not being able to wear what they want, having to give out fake phone numbers just to get guys off their ass, carrying their keys between their fingers to serve as protection, and the list goes on. And,Continue reading “Hello.”


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