Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

That title is something I learned in one of the very first therapy sessions with an instructor and it was not a good match, but I’ll never forget that line. It must be part of the Shrinks version of Therapy For Dummies. But the statement is ever so true. I’ve found myself wondering why IContinue reading “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.”

This is a long post, but I need feedback. Please!

“I get no respect” is a tagline that we have heard from the great Rodney Dangerfield since he hit the scene in the 1950s. And that is what I feel like everyday when I go to work. Let me give you a little background before I show you an exchange of a raise request onContinue reading “This is a long post, but I need feedback. Please!”

Sometimes hallucinations are delightful.

I have read study after study that suggests that the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, psilocybin, can be a beneficial treatment of  PTSD, panic attacks, and anxiety. So, I decided to do my own experimentation a few months ago.  My first experience with mushrooms was around the age of 18. A group of us allContinue reading “Sometimes hallucinations are delightful.”

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