March into the Sea.

Up to sixty percent of our bodies are made up of water. The brain and heart are made of seventy-three percent water. The lungs are about eighty-three percent. The skin, sixty-four (will you still love me when.)  Finally, the muscles and kidneys are seventy-nine percent. Hell, even the bones are made up of thirty-nine percent water. Why did I just tell you all of this. Damned if I know, but I’m going to roll with it.

Everyday, we are told to make sure we stay hydrated to optimize our health and wellness, both menatally and physically. Hell, I take eight medications, four of which are for mental health, panic, and anxiety; anyone who has ever been in this boat knows all too well that you might as well carry a water bottle with you 24/7 because they will dry you out. I am one of those people. I drink WELL over a gallon of water a day, which makes driving for a living a tad bit interesting. 

You’ve heard the phrase, “ the world is your oyster?”  I guess my motto is “every on/off ramp is my urinal.”  My truck is way too large to be pulling in and out of gas stations six plus times in an eight hour shift. I hide behind th… nevermind, back to the slice. 

I started thinking about the daily grind like most of us do on Sundays, and it dawned on me that we are all just blobs of water and opinions. Drinking more water every day to stay alive. Working every damn day to pay for our vacations where we can stare at the water and splash our little bodies of water, in big bodies of water. 

I always thought that late night snacking was my vice, but as it turns out, the very thing that is keeping me alive is also trying to kill me.  

Weird, right?

One Love.


10 thoughts on “March into the Sea.

  1. So I’m not going to lie – I saw your blog post title and thought (from my Jewish perspective) that you were reflecting on Passover, which began last night, and that you were alluding to the parting of the Red Sea. Nope! What I got was an incredibly relatable post. Because this – this hydration / go at every stop cycle? This is ME. And…I think the phrase I’ll be carrying with me is: “we are all just blobs of water and opinions.” Brilliant.

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    1. You’re a mensch! Thanks for reading. I Glad I stumped ya. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, organizing, spring cleaning, and too much matza. Remember, I’m here if you knead any advice on bowle obstructions. Mazel Tov!

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