Not today.

Usually, by this time in the afternoon I have some kind of semblance of what I am going to be writing about for SOL, but today is not cooperating. So All I have is a quick story.

In 2010, I interned for Eric “Mancow” Muller, one of the first shock-jocks in the country after Howard Stern. We worked in the WLS Chicago studio on the 7th floor in the ABC building on the corner of State and Lake, even though no Chicago stations would pick him up. 

I did random tasks including gathering audio off the street by asking questions to total strangers. I loved It. You got to meet new people from all walks of life and ask them the most assinnine questions just to record their replies to put on air. Most of the time, Mancow would make fun of how dunb the human race is, which, to be honest, is harsh, but not that outlandish of a concept.

Anyway, this was right around the time Seth Rogen was becoming a big time actor and releasing a book about his rise to stardom. Ad as it goes, I look a lot like Seth Rogan. 

So, the powers that be had this great idea to set up a fake book signing outside the Daley Center in the heart of downtown CHI. It was nerve racking, but I was all-in!

So, Mancow was pushing this thing for a week telling anybody who was streaming from Chicago, or close enough to come meet him (me), to head out on this unforgettable Friday afternoon.

I figured, shit, since he isn’t on in Chicago, maybe twenty people would show up for the signing. Well, I was way off! About Two-hundred people showed up looking to meet the actor. While I was watching the line form from inside a secure office inside the building wondering, How in the hell am I going to pull this off? 

Well, the answer is most people were so pissed they started chanting “we want Rogen.”  I did actually end up singing about twenty copies, mostly for those who could say that they were a part of the prank. The other few people were visiting from overseas and didn’t know much better. 

It was a day I will never forget and I’m happy I made it out without catching a beating of a lifetime.

One Love.


12 thoughts on “Not today.

    1. He was a sexist asshole. Everyday, like, clockwork, porn stars, strippers, and other women of the night came in the studio. We started at 330 am, on air by 5. I’ve shook Ron Jeremy’s hand one too many times. I used hand sanitizer like he had the plague. Scumbagary galore.


  1. Cool story. I never know what to expect from your colorful posts, which I like. You should go back to school and be a teacher. Kids would live these stories.

    BTW: Stacey sent an email out about embedded links and how to avoid them, which the TWT is requesting.

    See you tomorrow.

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  2. I just never know what I’m going to read when I open up your slices! You are a great storyteller with so many interesting stories to share. I request that you write something about an ordinary activity such as brushing your teeth. I have a feeling you’d turn a simple act into something pretty colorful!

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