“Just Comply”

Eric Gardner was selling loose cigarettes outside of a bodega in Staten Island, New York one September day in 2017. He was then in a heated discussion with police officers in which the continued to choke him even though he continually stated, “I can’t breathe.”  The hot take from right wing and back the blue was if he would have just compiled, they would not have used deadly force (not that it was justified anyway). Philando Castile was a man in a traffic stop who told the police that he was a concealed carry member, and he had a firearm in his glove box, and had the card to legally carry. He warned officers as soon as they reached his vehicle being as transparent and helpful as you would ask. ( urge you to watch this video, he was fully cooperating). An officer asked him for license and registration. He told the officer that he was going to grab the information out of the glove box. As he reached in the skittish officer who has no business in uniform got scared and when he reached in, to get the info, the officer unloaded into his chest many shots. Castile died after this encounter.  He did “just comply”, but yet he no longer exists. I think I’m starting to pick up on a theme here.

Let us skip forward to this week where we have had two mass shootings,by two white supremesists, shall we?! I refuse to use either of their names, but one killed 8 Asian americans in a spa shooting in Atlanta. The other went into a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado opening fire on those in the store killing ten. One of which was Officer Talley of the Boulder Police Department. I think I’m sensing a trend here.

You see, every police involved shooting with a minority, mostly black males, ends with the victim never breathing again, while almost every mass shooting in the last 20 years has been carried out by white males. 

The difference you ask??? Everytime a white male walks away from a crime scene , he is being handled gently, almost to the point of being coddled. Hell, after a man went ape- shit in a Charleston, SC church, the cops bought him Burger King before he was processed. I wish that was made up, it is not. 

So, when I saw the suspect being escorted ever so gently out of the grocery store last evening, I was appalled. He must have complied so very well after killing ten and one of your own officers. What the everlasting fuck happened to the phrase, “ i got your 6?”  because I can guarantee no one had the back of officer Talley last night. As a matter of fact, wouldn’t you be so enraged that you would have at least kicked the living shit out of this scumbag on principle alone for putting your community and families of so many through a living nightmare? I am 100% against capital punishment, but I am 100 % for making an example. And that example would not have been able to walk out of that store, He would have had to have been brought out on a stretcher. I mean, for the love of god, the Judicial system lets every officer charged with murder strut around and get away with it, do you really think you would have been brought up on battery charges?  

Some things need to happen yesterday; defunding the police and reallocating funds to officer education, mental health checks, and longer training periods. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. More police does not equal less crime. Do a google search if you would like the info on that. There is a great piece by the USA Today. Hiring more minority officers to police minority areas so they have a better understanding and rapport with the community. Oh, and for the love of god, can we get some common sense gun laws in place about Ar-15s? 

Stop Asian Hate

Stop White Supremacists

Stop domestic terrorists (white supremacists)

RIP Officer Talley- EOW 3-22-2021 

One Love.


7 thoughts on ““Just Comply”

  1. No argument from me. But I’m not sure about the race of the Boulder shooter. He wasn’t born in the US but has lived here most of his life. I haven’t read anything about his nationality, but his name is…

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    1. I know my words are difficult for you and yours. I fully understand how they can make you angry. That was not my intention. However, I do write my truth and how I feel, unapologetically. You have been nothing but kind to me and I appreciate you for it. If you have words you need to get off your chest towards me or the post, please share. No hard feelings, no judgment, no disrespect.

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  2. Why does anyone need an AR15?! I am definitely in the middle as far as gun stance but anything above the average gun or pistol for protection doesn’t have a place in a home in my eyes.

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