I Know we are in a day and age where women have to worry about walking alone, not being able to wear what they want, having to give out fake phone numbers just to get guys off their ass, carrying their keys between their fingers to serve as protection, and the list goes on. And, we’re also in the hashtag era where #NotAllMen has been trending on a lot of social media platforms. I have never had to deal  with the plight that women do on a daily basis, but I do understand that the world is a crazy place to be. 

Today I was on my walk and from a far I saw a woman approaching wearing a shirt that was tie dye and said I 💓 ASL (American Sign Language). So as she approached, I waved and signed “hello” to her as she was walking by. It didn’t even generate a wave, nod, or the finger (maybe I got a letter wrong). As I walked past, I said to myself, Geezus, I thought that was a kind gesture. I shook my head and kept on with my walk. 

A few minutes down the path, I started thinking about many of the things stated in the first paragraph. It’s a damn shame that we live in a world like this. There are always going to be crazy, depraved individuals out there, but the sheer abundance is a testament to just how much this country is behind in mental health care, judicial decisions and sentencing, and the lack of men or anyone for that matter who will stand-up and do what;s right when the time comes.

I never get dates, but when I’m out with female friends, I always make sure that they get into the door at the end of the evening when I’m around. I am protective to a fault when it comes to friends dealing with men at bars, ball games, concerts, etc.. Oftentimes poking my head into an ongoing conversation just to make sure they aren’t being bothered. I put myself between me and traffic or other pedestrians when out on walks. I do my part to the best of my ability.

My initial reaction was to get upset, but when  you take a step back, you have to understand the times we live in. 

Or, she could have just been a real bitch, but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

In a world where women are told to not dress provocative, or to lead men on, or put themselves in compromising situations. Why don’t we teach our sons or whatever pronouns are appropriate to respect boundaries, no means no, and general respect for the human race?

Is that too much to ask? Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes. Boy, people sure do suck sometimes.

One Love.


5 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. We live in a crazy world. One of our fellow slicers wrote about walking with a stainless steel water bottle clutched in her hand for protection, https://mschiubookawrites.wordpress.com/2021/03/21/on-the-first-day-of-spring. The fact that she feels she has to do this speaks volumes about where we are as a society right now.

    So, chances are, this woman just had a rough encounter with someone else, possibly recently. BUT, the fact that you’re taking time to write about, reflect on it, and share about it say a lot about the kind of world you wish that we had. Here’s to better days ahead!

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  2. Thank you for this post. As someone who has definitely walked with keys for knuckles (and a water bottle as a bat the other day), I appreciate your commentary and reflection on this topic. I wish the world were not this way.

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  3. Nearly every woman I know is a victim of sexual harassment and/or assault. Most would be surprised how staggeringly high the numbers are. The most popular post I’ve written is an open letter to Josh Turner’s (Stanford rapist) father. His victim, Chanel Miller, wrote an amazing memoir about the rape. I appreciate your thoughtfulness toward women. I’m sure your friends do, too. If you haven’t seen “Promising Young Woman,” check it out. I think you’ll love it. Peace.

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