Why do I do that?

As I was walking my six miles this afternoon, I decided to just do it without headphones on. Just take in an amazing day in the south burbs of Chicago. The birds were bumpin’, the squirrels were crunching through the leaves, or what will soon turn to compost. It was magnificent.

But then, I started thinking about life, love, stress, and setbacks. It’s that type of thought progression that I’m trying to snap with positive reinforcement, but I can be a difficult road to hoe. I just want to be able to lose myself in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. I’m working on it.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the fact that I hold grudges over stupid behavior or comments that are intended to be hurtful. Even if they may have been said in the heat of the moment. I get upset and then completely shut myself off from said person for no particular length of time by any rule of thumb, but it usually takes weeks to months for me to want to reach out again.

The fact that I hold grudges is fair,especially if it is over a significant issue, but many times it’s over a misunderstanding, opinion, thoughtless comment, or not being included in something. And the thing that really drives me nuts is it never seems like the person or persons in which I’m dealing with ever seem to give a shit. So why should I, right? Well, I do. I always do.

If people held grudges everytime I did something stupid, I’d have no friends left. Which Is the way it kind of feels right now. 

I have to work on forgiveness, but it is hard. Preaching to the choir, am I right? It pains me because it always seems like I;m the one in this position. Forgiving my mom and dad (it really is hard to use those terms to describe my parents, because those words should be saved for those adults actively participating in their kids lives.)  It really is mentally exhausting. 

And, after having thoughts like this is often the time where I think, “ahh, I was definitely meant to be alone.”  which is a terrifying thought.

So, let me leave you with a question; what is your role in a friendship?

One Love.


7 thoughts on “Why do I do that?

  1. Thank you for sharing your inner turmoil. I also feel the inner tug-o-war and wonder where to channel these thoughts and energies. Sometimes they get the best of me, and other times I’m okay. May I suggest finding the core reasons why you hold grudges or pick apart comments? I’ve discovered diverting my focus to the whole picture of how I’m treated by others has been helpful. Is it a bridge burning worthy moment, or not?

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  2. Thank you for sharing such an honest and personal post. Forgiveness is something that I have struggled with, but what I have found is that withholding it only causes anguish to myself. The person from whom I am withholding it doesn’t usually know or care. You made me wonder how many people are withholding forgiveness from me.

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  3. I think it’s natural to hold a grudge when we feel hurt. It’s a way of protecting oneself. The key is to choose friendships that diminish the likelihood of the friend hurting you or you hurting the friend. Words can never be reeled back in once spoken, so I try not to say hurtful things to my friends, my husband, and most of my family.

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  4. I like to walk in silence sometimes too. I get my best thinking done that way.

    I think forgiveness is as m much a gift we give to ourselves as it a gift we give to someone else Grudges are heavy. Still, we do have to set boundaries and protect ourselves. I think we can forgive someone and still not let them back into position where they can hurt us.

    I have so many different kinds of friendships! In some I am the one who does most of the reaching out and in others I am not. Every one of my friendships is important an valuable to me – the ones with people I rarely hear from as well as the ones with people I see daily. But it helps me to be clear about what type of friendship I have with someone – that’s how I know how much to expect.

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