The Second amendment and it’s bullshit.

The Atlanta shooter purchased his 9mm the same day he shot eight people.

Fun fact: you cannot register to vote in Georgia in one day due to voter suppression laws aka shutting down minority voices.

If you think I enjoy talking political stance and legislation, you’re highly mistaken. But, it’s a necessary evil. I’ve lost a lot of “friends” over this, and pissed off actual friends over this, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. But we cannot live like this. 

Politics isn’t one election every four years, it’s constant. 

There is no more two party system. You have Republican candidates and Republican lite candidates.

And for you 2A gun nuts out there, stop it! No one is coming for your guns. Your face masks that say “I will not comply” (right wing group worried they are coming for their guns,, especially the AR-15 and those like it) are an insult to those fighting for meaningful change.

Comply to what?! What the fuck am I missing??? You’ve said this every president since Carter.


Kindly remember that at the next school shooting.

“What about the south side” comments start in

You don’t care about the situation in Chicago, you just use it for YOUR arguments. There are groups parading against gun violence in their communities damn near every weekend. You don’t see it because you live in suburbia and don’t care to look.

Project H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Obtain Destiny), led by Corey Brooks distributes food every weekend to those in need and is a helpful part of organizing peace marches through impoverished communities.

You don’t care about the little kids that get hit with stray gunfire. You use it for YOUR argument. Everyone feels bad when it happens to innocent kids, but then 24 hours later it’s out of your head because it doesn’t directly effect you. My block, My hood, My city invests time and resources back into the community to stop gun violence.

Bottom line; if you’re not willing to walk in and say, “how can I help?” Or, at the very least pull out your fucking wallets, You’re part of the problem, not the solution. Period.

Disclosures: Washington Post is the source for the two intro facts (and common knowledge if you’d pay attention).

I am a responsible gun owner. I shot at the range from time to time. It’s for AT HOME protection and range use only. I have though about conceal carry many times because of the world we live in, but decide against it.

I sold my mountain bike and golf clubs before my stimulus check hit (and took shit for it) this week because my usual OT was no where to be found. I bought 8 sweatshirts (see smiles for why I “waste” money on that) for my kids, two scratchers, a new set of flowers for the apt, and caught up on ComEd and I still gave $25 monthly. I’ve donated time to both causes on the off weekends I don’t work (not recently because of covid).

Last weekend Project H.O.O.D. was in Muncie, Indiana, so it’s not just Chicago. They spend ridiculously amounts on renting refrigerated trailers and forklifts for distribution. They’re trying to purchase both. Help if you can.

Below is “The Rooftop Pastor” Corey Brooks. Here is an OLD LINK to see how he got his title.

Link below is for the cause.

One Love.


3 thoughts on “The Second amendment and it’s bullshit.

  1. We don’t have the same number of gun-related issues here in Canada, but we do have them. Everyone is worried about being able to protect themselves. My husband’s life was saved by a shot gun. He was being attacked by a bear and his uncle shot it. But other than that I don’t know of any people who have actually needed to protect themselves with gun. (I’m not saying they don’t exist.) I wonder why law-abiding citizens fear accountability for their firearms! I agree that there is too much money in this issue for politician to actually do anything real about it.

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