Body Image issues.

One of the hot topics over the last couple years is body image and the pressure placed on people, mostly women, to have what society deems acceptable ones. But for those who battle with how they look, this can consume one’s thoughts if you’re not cautious, especially kids. While it is no place for anyone to tell someone how they should look, there are people who genuinely have concern for those who struggle.

It used to be that on every magazine, there would be a beautiful, upbeat, skinny celebrity that graces the cover. Nowadays, we are starting to be more inclusive of all shapes, sizes, and gender identities, but there is still a long way to go.

On one extreme, you have people who look like skin and bones. So skinny that you would be hard pressed not to wonder if they have to battle with an eating disorder. And on the other end of the spectrum, you have those who are overweight, bordrering on morbidly obese and also wonder about the health concerns they must deal with. Now, most of us fall somewhere in between that, but we should be conscious that people are dealing with image issues daily and be sensitive to their feelings. 

I am medically considered morbidly obese, but I am conscously trying to lose weight via a better diet (extremly difficult for me and most) and exercise (I get outside frequent and just recently walked over 100 miles in November to raise money for Suicide awareness, this is not my struggle). I’m 5’8” and 319 spins on the scale. I’m happy in my own skin, but know for health reasons, and longevity, losing weight is a priority in my life. But the conversations and truthful realizations are an extremely fine line.

Most people are familiar with Lizzo and her figure. And, even though she recently lost fifty pounds (get it girl!) she once stated that she was happy to be the size she was at. The fine line comes in when you’re so very proud of someone speaking up about bullies and constant pressure about her weight, but at the sametime know that for her optimum health, weight loss was a must. Same goes with the overly skinny. It can be a struggle for people to get proper nutrition because of eating disorders or even just having your body just naturally reject certain things. 

There is nothing easy about being on either end of the spectrum, or even somewhere in between. But it is important to realize that weight is something we all deal with and for the most part, we deal with it on a daily basis for the long haul. Be supportive, be kind, be understanding. Those qualities just might motivate or help someone in need of change. 

Here’s to wishing you the best of health, no matter where you fall in.

One Love.


5 thoughts on “Body Image issues.

  1. I had a conversation w/ a student a couple years ago about Lizzo’s weight and health. I remember telling the student even though Lizzo says she’s proud of her body I suspect she’d like to lose weight, and that while she may not have health problems now, in time she will. It’s inevitable when your weight is so far outside that recommended for your height and age.

    My mom was tiny. I am not. My stepmother, who was overweight, was terrible to me about my body shape, although I was not a heavy kid. My step-grandmother once told me, “If you got it, flaunt it. I love her for that and many other reasons. After childbirth I’ve also struggled w/ my weight. My father was diabetic, and the past couple years my A1C has been perilously close to the D-Zone, so I’m working hard to drop the extra 30 pounds. Aging doesn’t help.

    I suspect driving truck makes losing weight extremely hard.

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  2. Body image is a product of our society and the way it is spun in the media. As someone who has gained weight since having surgery several years ago, I struggle with my body on a daily basis. I try to be conscious of what I say in front of my daughters as I don’t want them worrying about this already!

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  3. Isn’t this the truth! As someone who was always a chubby gal (and had lost over 100 pounds at one point), this is a daily struggle for me. After all, I LOVE to eat. I do, I just love food. I think the trick is in just loving yourself. We are after all the only person we will ever be stuck with.

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