Rough Day.

Today, I saw a Semi-truck hanging over the viaduct in Dwight, Illinois because of the ice storm that was slamming central Illinois and Interstate 55. I had a white knuckle ride for the better part of eight hours. Driving in snow is one thing, ice is no joke. I made a comment when the alarm sounded at 4:10 AM that you sure could tell it was a Monday and give me back my damn hour back. In hindsight, go ahead and keep that hour, I don’t want the damn thing.

So, I made it home safely, although a small part of me wished I was in the cab of that truck living on the edge a little bit. Kind of like a new attraction at Great America, Cedar Point, or Hershey Park. 

As bad as work was today, I didn’t figure the day could get much worse. I was wrong. See, I live paycheck to paycheck like millions of other Americans do. Shit, I’m lucky to be a part of the group that actually has a job. Granted, I hate It, but it’s a job. 

Two weeks ago I spoke with my financial advisor and I told her that I wanted to order some sweatshirts for eight of my nieces and nephews. A friend of mine started a clothing company called Outdoor Therapy, and they recently came out with a kids line. I was looking forward to seeing the goods. She advised against it as it was a waste of money. I insisted that the deed would make me happy, justifying the purchase. Besides, I did my taxes on February 8th, so my $1040 refund should be right around the corner. Add to the fact that the stimulus checks were coming in, I felt happy putting a smile on eight faces even if for ten measly seconds. So I ordered them. Well, as it turns out, none of my pending cash dropped and I don’t get paid until Friday. Off to the pawn shop I go.

I decided to sell my golf clubs to get me through the week. It was a bummer. Golf is right around the corner and one of the few social distant activities you can safely do. Ah well, it just means  I’ll have more time for hiking and fishing. 

I sent a text message to said adviser and mentioned the clubs. I know she has my best financial interest at heart, but it was almost as if they reveled in the fact that they told me that “wasting” the money was a bad idea. At the same time, never taking into account my happiness for doing so. Especially when I get to see all their cute pictures wearing the shirts outside. I DESPISE TABLETS AND VIDEO GAMES (yeah, I know, they’re a necessary evil), so the fact that most of the kiddos enjoy the outdoors makes my heart skip. I thought of it as a way to kill two birds with one proverbial stone. Support the friends business and make-up for the Christmas gifts I couldn’t afford last year. Boom. 

I suppose I wrote all of this to say, you’re never going to please everyone, so make sure you start with yourself. Sad I had to sell my clubs? Definitely. I’ve visited the pawn or loan shops numerous times. Mostly, because I drank or snorted all my money away, those days I regret. But, regret buying the sweatshirts for the kids? Not a chance. It’s the closest to being a father as i’ll probably get. I know it’s not about presents, it’s about presence, but I have that latter one locked pretty damn good too, all things considered. 

Happine…. I mean, fiscal responsibility,  I’ll see you Friday. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.  

One Love.


8 thoughts on “Rough Day.

  1. I love giving gifts to the kids in my life. I have a box full of “Canadian treats” almost ready to mail out to my nieces in New Jersey. They are in their early 30s and will get as much joy out of the sweets and chips as your little people got out of the sweatshirts!

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  2. You are supporting a friend by purchasing from their business and supporting your nieces and nephews by getting them the sweatshirts – definitely feel good memories!
    Your opening paragraph was a great hook – it set the tone for impeding disaster.
    Hope you’ll be able to get your golf clubs back one your checks come in.

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  3. Sweatshirts sent with love aren’t a waste of money, but it sounds like you might need to reprioritize your finances so you don’t miss out on other things that bring you great joy like golf. I’m sure your nieces and nephews will love their gifts and I hope can you buy back those clubs someday.


  4. You did a kind deed for the kids. Golf can wait. Maybe you can borrow some clubs until Friday. I’ve been in the paycheck to paycheck Kane before, so I get it. Your post reminds me of a purchase I made in the late 70s, not for myself. I might write about it this week.

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