All I want Is The Truth.

When people speak of the afterlife, I have the same response every time I’m asked my opinion. I don’t care about heaven, hell, or purgatory or reincarnation, wherever I end up, I just want to know the truthful answers to all my questions. Then by all means, send me on my way.

So many thoughts go through your head on a daily basis when you spend as much time alone as I do on the road. You start to think about conspiracy theories such as 9/11 and Dick Cheney. I think about the soldiers that have given their lives so the government could fight unnecessary wars in the name of humanitarianism, but in actuality, it’s fought for oil, trade embargos, Halliburton stock, and control of land that isn’t ours to control. 

I think about the judges that sat in-front of innocent people and knowingly sentenced them to death because it fit a social or corporate agenda. In 2020, during the Trump administration, they rushed to put people to death at the end of his term when many of which were presumed innocent and seeking stay’s to get appeals and or retrials. This bloodthirsty regime was the most deadly in presidential history. Couple that with his hate rhetoric and the violence it sparked. My question there is how did the fat fuck sleep at night, besides with a CPAP mask on and Melania in another room?

I am under the impression that there are far more dirty, racist cops patrolling the streets than there are good ones. Even if I’m off in my assumption a million times over, how come no one ever comes forward to out those that are dirty. Those that pay no mind to justice, and take deadly force into their own hands.. The answer probably lies somewhere in the fact that the judicial system is a joke and why out one of “your own” when the government will do it for you, and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. Where is the Honor in the oath? 

Look, when it comes down to it, we all have questions we want answered. The question is to what lengths do we have to go to get them answered?

One Love.


4 thoughts on “All I want Is The Truth.

  1. I don’t think Trump has a conscience. He epitomizes depravity. As far as cops are concerned, there’s a good book called The End of Policing that offers good historical background. Once you realize police forces were created to control snd not protect and serve, the code of silence becomes the natural evolution. Keep asking the questions, and read some audiobooks. They help clarify these issues.

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    1. I understand where you come from. I have a good friend who is an officer and some of the conversations are tough and heartbreaking. Especially about the screening process. How do you screen for bigots? Any racist or bad cop knows how to beat the tests. They’ve had to hide in plain sight most of their lives. I respect what your husband does, it takes courage. The good ones can’t win right now and it’s a shame.

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